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KGB Archiver 2.0

Creates and unpacks archives using military grade compression
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Handles a wide number of archive files and creates proprietary ones with very best compression. Integrates with the shell menu in Windows Explorer.

KGB Archiver is considered the most powerful file compressor nowadays, it sizes 1 MB only, supports ZIP and KGB format files, and it can be downloaded for free and be easily installed in just few steps. Yes, KGB Archiver can handle zip files, in addition to its own KGB format.

It has an interface that works as a wizard, which shows three buttons: Compress Files, Decompress Files and Customize Options (Settings), where you can choose the language, the file KGB and ZIP association, the Windows Explorer context menu, and if you want KGB Archiver to show the statistics after compressing / decompressing.

There also is the Search Now button, to check on new versions available online.

To decompress a file:
1.- Click the right button on the compressed file and select the menu option Extract Here. Or
2.- Double click on the compressed file, which will open a window showing the files included in the ZIP or KGB file. You can select what will be decompressed and its destination.

To compress a file or folder:
1.- Right-click on the file or folder to compress and select the Compress Option in the context menu. Or
2.- Run the application, select the option Compress Files and then you’ll see several options to set:

A-In the first blank space, beneath the "File" word, you have to determine the destination path of the compressed file.

B- You must choose among the ZIP or KGB formats.

C-You must select among the 10 compression levels, ranging from Minimum to Maximum.

Note: Due to its powerful compression algorithm, it is recommended to use a system with at least a 1.5 GHz processor and 256 MB of RAM in order to compress at the highest levels. To get you an idea of the compression power of KGB Archiver, compress a 4 GB DVD to 10 MB can take about 15 hours in a powerful PC.

D-Add the files or folders to compress

E-Create a password to encrypt the compressed file using the AES-256 system, which is one of the most powerful encryption algorithms currently known.

KGB Archiver achieves a compression ratio lower than 12% in text files. Long far from 24% achieved by the Zip format or from 16.2% of the RAR format. For applications, it is capable of achieving a compression rate of 23%, while the Zip format reaches 36%. Far exceeds similar to other utilities, such as 7Zip or UHarc.

KGB Archiver not only brings you the highest known compression, but also AES-256 encryption, and the ability to create self-extracting files.

The counterpart to the great compression rates that succeed, is that it needs much more time and RAM to compress the files.

Requires .net 2

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